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What if you could organize and sustain a joyful academic life of peaceful, predictable productivity? This life – of course – includes getting your writing done.

It is possible.

You can have an academic life of joyful, peaceful, predictable productivity. You will not have a perfect life. But you will be more peaceful, more predictable, more productive, and more positive when you apply the ideas you will learn in this Get a Plan! Guide®.

Access the new Get a Plan! Guide® to Plan to Write and discover the strategies to organize and sustain a joyful academic life of peaceful, predictable productivity.

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What Others Are Saying...

I am still reporting  success.  Thank you.   I think we never know how we touch people.  All  we can do is plant the seed.  I feel much more organized in control of  what I carry around with me every day.  And  this is a huge thing.

- Janet Anderson, Reno NV

I would recommend the GAP Guides.  They are colorful, practical, efficient 

- Emina Huang, OH

I would definitely recommend the GAP Guides.  They are practical and accessible.  If a person reads one of them in hopes of increasing productivity and says,   "Nope, nothing useful here," them I'm pretty sure that person doesn't actually WANT to be more productive!  

- Anonymous

The most helpful was the advice for settling down on my email.  That's been a game changer. Its wonderful. 

- Anonymous

I put your suggestions to work and I now have better control.

- Anonymous

I would recommend the GAP Guide Codes to Use.  The planning for caring for aging parents help you step back from the high-emotional intensity, exactly what is needed to make the "right" decisions. It is a tool to help you get through those tough times.

- Linda Hoeptner Poling, OH

Meggin's style is very relaxing - she makes me feel like I can reach my goals. The materials are entertaining and not at all overwhelming.

- Deb Lewis

UNFAILINGLY appealing!  The materials are always bright, fresh,  and engaging. I think she obviously "walks the walk" and I think her input is frank and honest , yet cheerfully encouraging.  I admire that about her presentation style and I think it's what makes me interested in what she has to say.

- Carrie Reed

Personable, warm, approachable, just perfect!  Love all manner in which Meggin teaches!!!

- Past Participant

I would recommend this to everyone - we all carry some clutter, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally - and Meggin's class helps tackle it with a no-nonsense, get-it-done attitude while still being mindful of the reasons why the clutter exists in the first place.

- Sharon Nelson-Hammersmith

Easy and accessible.  Content rich!

- Past Participant

I would absolutely recommend De-clutter & De-stress. Meggin's classes are packed with useful information and inspiration. They always leave me better off and ready to tackle problems with hope and a great plan.

- Rebecca Renfro

So engaging, so relevant, so practical, so no-nonsense

- Linda Nilson

Love it/her!  Meggin is engaging, thought provoking, real - and, funny.

- Sheryl Banden

The mission of the Get a Plan! Guide® series is to give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion – so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.

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