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Being a faculty member involves an intense, unrelenting pace. It takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll. Yet, it can be an immensely rewarding and satisfying life, which was your idea when you chose to be a professor! Learn solutions to help you get and STAY organized as you prepare yourself to move peacefully and productively through the semester!

With this special Get a Plan Guide® you will receive strategies that will get you into action immediately! This guide is specially designed to help you no matter where you are in the semester (and is especially great to access the summer before a new school year starts)!

To have this handy manual to an organized semester, you may purchase and download this 97-page full-color Get a Plan! Guide®. Just click the order button that says PDF. Once you check out through the secure shopping cart system, you will be redirected to a webpage where the PDF is ready for immediate download so you can begin reading and making notes.

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Want the Whole Kit & Kaboodle?

Meggin McIntosh Get a Plan Guide - The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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The mission of the Get a Plan! Guide® series is to give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion – so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.