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Less Stress, Less Clutter, More Calm



Clutter and dis-order in your workspace and in your life lead to stress and project paralysis.  Access this special mini-bundle to help clear the clutter, bring order to your life, and decrease the stress and overwhelm so you can be peacefully and predictably productive.

Four Get a Plan! Guides® have been chosen for this special Less Stress, Less Clutter, More Calm Mini-Bundle. By accessing this mini-bundle, you’ll receive:

When you access this special Get a Plan Guide® Less Stress, Less Clutter, More Calm Mini Bundle you’ll have strategies to tackle the clutter and bring calm to your environment.  You need calm.  You don’t need clutter! This mini-bundle is specially designed to provide the tools to shed that excess weight of worry and frustration and help you feel light again.

Click the golden “Get the Bundle” button to get started. Once you check out through the secure shopping cart system, you will receive access to all four Get a Plan! Guides® as PDFs (plus all four bonus recordings!)


$29.95 (Save over 65%)

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Prefer the Whole Kit & Kaboodle?

Meggin McIntosh Get a Plan Guide - The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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Your investment in more calm is only $29.95. Save now and start moving toward more peaceful, predictable productivity in your professional and personal life.

The mission of the Get a Plan! Guide® series is to give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion – so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.