The Whole Kit & Kaboodle
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Get a Plan! Guide®
The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

  • Do you ever suffer through unproductive meetings?
  • Have you ever gotten distracted at work?
  • Is clutter costing you time, energy, and attention?
  • Would you like to get your writing done more easily and with less procrastination?
  • Are you spending longer on email everyday than you can afford to spend?

The whole Get a Plan! Guide® Kit and Kaboodle is for you! With this special Kit and Kaboodle offer, you don’t have to pick and choose – you get all 20 publications and the 18 available recordings for the guides listed below! Instantly receive nineteen publications and seventeen recordings. When you purchase the Get a Plan! Guide® Kit and Kaboodle, you will have ideas and inspiration to use immediately – and you’ll start seeing improvements tomorrow!

  • You want straightforward strategies to help you sustain peaceful, predictable productivity.
  • You want ideas and support to help you stay consciously and calmly focused.
  • You want all 20 of the Get a Plan! Guide® publications PLUS 18 available recordings – and you want to access them easily and without a lot of muss and fuss!
Good news! The Get a Plan! Guide® publications offered here will help solve these problems – as well as an array of other issues that may plague you on a regular basis! You want to get the whole set of these Guides PLUS the recordings where available, which is exactly what you’ll receive when you buy the whole Get a Plan! Guide® Kit and Kaboodle!

YES! The whole “kit and kaboodle” is now available in one convenient location for easy access and ready for your focused reading, listening, and implementing. And, to make it even easier, I’m offering all of the plans above AT ONE LOW PRICE!

What Others Are Saying...

I am still reporting  success.  Thank you.   I think we never know how we touch people.  All  we can do is plant the seed.  I feel much more organized in control of  what I carry around with me every day.  And  this is a huge thing.

- Janet Anderson, Reno NV

I would recommend the GAP Guides.  They are colorful, practical, efficient 

- Emina Huang, OH

I would definitely recommend the GAP Guides.  They are practical and accessible.  If a person reads one of them in hopes of increasing productivity and says,   "Nope, nothing useful here," them I'm pretty sure that person doesn't actually WANT to be more productive!  

- Anonymous

The most helpful was the advice for settling down on my email.  That's been a game changer. Its wonderful. 

- Anonymous

I put your suggestions to work and I now have better control.

- Anonymous

I would recommend the GAP Guide Codes to Use.  The planning for caring for aging parents help you step back from the high-emotional intensity, exactly what is needed to make the "right" decisions. It is a tool to help you get through those tough times.

- Linda Hoeptner Poling, OH

Meggin's style is very relaxing - she makes me feel like I can reach my goals. The materials are entertaining and not at all overwhelming.

- Deb Lewis

UNFAILINGLY appealing!  The materials are always bright, fresh,  and engaging. I think she obviously "walks the walk" and I think her input is frank and honest , yet cheerfully encouraging.  I admire that about her presentation style and I think it's what makes me interested in what she has to say.

- Carrie Reed

Personable, warm, approachable, just perfect!  Love all manner in which Meggin teaches!!!

- Past Participant

I would recommend this to everyone - we all carry some clutter, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally - and Meggin's class helps tackle it with a no-nonsense, get-it-done attitude while still being mindful of the reasons why the clutter exists in the first place.

- Sharon Nelson-Hammersmith

Easy and accessible.  Content rich!

- Past Participant

I would absolutely recommend De-clutter & De-stress. Meggin's classes are packed with useful information and inspiration. They always leave me better off and ready to tackle problems with hope and a great plan.

- Rebecca Renfro

So engaging, so relevant, so practical, so no-nonsense

- Linda Nilson

Love it/her!  Meggin is engaging, thought provoking, real - and, funny.

- Sheryl Banden

The mission of the Get a Plan! Guide® series is to give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion – so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.

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