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A Special Webinar Created & Taught by

Meggin McIntosh, PhD

The PhD of Productivity®

If Email Disrupts Your Peaceful Productivity…

It is time to do something about that! The cost of lost focus, responsiveness, and peace of mind is rarely addressed, but we are going to change that in this content-rich, practical, and fun web-based workshop.

  • Learn from the comfort of your home or office (or hotel room! Wherever you are!)
  • Believe that there are answers to the email madness. You will learn them from this class.
  • Calm and focus can be part of your approach to email – and to the rest of your work when you have email under control.
  • Invite other team members to invest in the class, too. Special pricing is available because we want to encourage departments, offices, divisions, and organizations to adopt these sane and sensible email practices.
  • Everyone benefits. Learn and then integrate these sane and sensible practices and watch what happens. You’ll see a difference very quickly.

“Your email inbox is a bit like a Las Vegas roulette machine. You know, you just check it and check it, and every once in a while there’s some juicy little tidbit of reward, like the three quarters that pop down on a one-armed bandit. And that keeps you coming back for more.”


Statistics on Email

  • 2.5 billion – Number of email users in 2014
  • 3 million – Number of emails sent per second
  • 39 – Average number of work emails sent per person per day
  • 81 – Average number of work emails received per person per day

Are your comments about email said with fondness or do you use various pejorative terminology?

Is “working in” email part of what you look forward to – or do you approach your inbox with dread?

If your email server stops working, do you panic or do an internal happy dance?

If you learn and integrate the sane and sensible email practices taught by Meggin, you will:

  • Decrease the time you spend on email by 50%.
  • Increase your overall responsiveness to emails.
  • Decrease the dread and procrastination you feel when approaching your email.
  • Increase the productivity and sense of purpose you feel as you conduct your work via email.
  • Decrease the sense of overwhelm related to email (and maybe a few other responsibilities too!)
  • Increase your sense of control related to email and other responsibilities.

What Others Are Saying…

“I enjoy that you speak to us in a practical way. Although I have read a great deal and attended many seminars on organization, your teaching really brings it home. Thank you!”

~ Previous Workshop Participant

“Meggin is engaging and thorough. Her materials are comprehensive and thoughtfully made so they make a great reference I can go back to later.”

~ Previous Workshop Participant

“I absolutely recommend this class because no matter how well organized and efficient you are, Meggin will give you valuable (and practical) ways to be even more so – plus, you’ll save time and effort.”

~ Previous Webinar Participant

About Your Presenter, Meggin McIntosh

Meggin McIntosh, PhD, who is known as “The PhD of Productivity®” is a former teacher, university professor, and director of her university’s Excellence in Teaching Program. She is currently (and happily) the president of Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. She says,

I am a big fan of email and I love it. There’s incredible power in having this tool available – if you know how to use it!

But we don’t want email beating you up at every turn! If, and only if, you learn and apply the sane and sensible strategies offered in this class, you can regain control over your email and put your focus on other aspects of your work and personal life, too.

Life is too short to have email running you ragged. If you can identify with the (humorous) quote from Chris Hardwick below, then access this class!

“I learned not to confuse ‘busy’ with ‘productive,’ but I’m still far too addicted to email to resist its early-morning digital snuggles.”


The mission of the Get a Plan! Guide® series is to give you the ideas and inspiration to do your work easier, faster, and in a more focused fashion – so that you can accomplish your goals more smoothly, i.e., peacefully, productively, and predictably.

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